calendar lets you list each conference event to create a complete schedule.

It sorts events chronologically by default. You can switch it to be by distance, and choose whether or not to show a map. You can include a custom introduction and choose to allow user generated events with sub-menu settings, including assigning a point person to any event creators.

It also includes autoresponse emails. Read more about how to organize events with NationBuilder.

  • Using events for your conference schedule

    These are sample events. You can delete them by clicking "Edit this page" in the Supporter Nav on the right, or from your Control Panel navigate to [events]  > Events & subpages.

    You use event pages for each scheduled event or speaker at your conference, and organize them under a calendar page. This allows you to optionally enable attendees to RSVP for each event or speaker, and provide detailed information about each.

    Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 06:00 PM
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