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Help family members of police brutality victims attend the People's Congress


Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles and aunts of those brutalized and killed by police violence are ready to come to Howard University this September. They are ready to add our voices to the hundreds of others looking to create a real peoples-led resistance.

Traveling to Washington D.C. from around the country and staying two days has its costs. With your help we can defray those costs and bring the families' voices. We’ve already received a generous donation that will match donations up to $2,000! So if you donate now your contribution will go twice as far.

We’ve stood up against the most powerful forces of the state countless times, now help us stand with the grassroots as we continue to build our resistance alongside yours. Please donate now to help the families of the victims of police violence be present in the largest possible numbers, from the widest range of places, at the People’s Congress of Resistance.

Who's donating

Corinne Shutack
Emily Whalen
Jesse Morton
Laura Blecha
Clara Santamaria
John Davisson
Karen Branan
Lynn Shoemaker
Eleanor (Ellie) Ommani
Ben Becker