Sign the Petition: Justice for Keenen and Anthony, killed by racist vigilante in Long Island


On September 16-17, the People's Congress of Resistance held its inaugural convening and one of the resolutions passed called for "justice for the families of Keenen King and Anthony Holmes-Garriques, to have the Bouchard brothers convicted to the fullest extent of the law," and to expose injustice against communities of color in  Suffolk County, Long Island. 

Background: On June 22, vigilante Christopher Bouchard, who is white, was arrested and only charged with reckless endangerment for mowing down 19-year-old Keenan King and 20-year-old Anthony Holmes-Garriques.

Bouchard claims he believed Keenen and Anthony were driving his stolen bikes and pursued the two despite calling the police first to report them. Witnesses reported seeing Bouchard driving at least 100 mph into oncoming traffic to have a full-on collision with the two young men, killing King on the spot and injuring Holmes-Garriques, who died in the hospital. Witnesses also reported Bouchard and his brother, after killing King, attempted to load the bikes into their pickup truck and speed off.

If Bouchard is only given a slap on the wrist, it will be just another instance of the justice system saying that Black lives do not matter. 
The families of the victims and their supporters are demanding that the charges be increased to murder and that Bouchard’s brother be indicted as an accomplice.

Take action to demand justice

In that spirit, the organizers of the Justice for Keenan and Anthony Coalition have asked for support from across the country, and have asked the People's Congress of Resistance movement to continue to support their efforts. The District Attorney's office has convened a Grand Jury to indict Christopher Bouchard, but has not even informed the family of the new charges. Now more than ever we need to call the DA's office and continue to mobilize the community to hold the DA accountable to his promise to the family to increase the charges. Call the DA's office to demand justice at 631-853-6488.

Please support the families of Keenan and Anthony by signing and sharing this petition. It will be delivered tomorrow evening, Oct. 21, to the Suffolk County DA's office. 

The People's Congress of Resistance will continue to demand justice for Keenen and Anthony and all those who have lost their loved ones to racist police violence.