Organize against the Congress during the recess

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Imagine a government where the people are so dissatisfied and disgusted by the national legislature that they're happier when it's not in session and not able to pass laws. You don't have to imagine. This institution, which supposedly represents the people, is rightfully seen as a threat to people's livelihoods, health care, social programs and retirement; a threat to peace; and an enemy of equal rights. Their main point of argument with each other is not whether to attack poor and working people, but how much.

Starting today and through the month of August, the people of the country can wake up in the morning, check their phones and not have to worry about seeing what horrific thing Congress did the day before.

But that doesn't mean that we will be resting. Because when Congress comes back in session, they have an aggressive agenda to slash the people's most desperately needed social programs, to intensify hostilities with North Korea, Syria, Russia and Venezuela. While the Congress of Millionaires goes away, grassroots resisters nationwide are preparing and mobilizing for the People's Congress to fight back!

Here are two things you can do to help spread the word:

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1. Take and post a picture of 'Why I'm Joining the People's Congress of Resistance'

To spread the word, people around the country are starting to take pictures with a sign that explains why they support the People's Congress of Resistance. Download this sign or create your own, then share it publicly on social media with the hashtag #PeoplesCongress or email it to [email protected] 

Can you take a minute to write your own personal message and post a picture? 
You never know who will see it and be inspired to get involved!

2. Organize locally 

People's Congress supporters nationwide are continuing to hold community meetings with our organizers' toolkit, and will be joining local actions confronting their Congressional "representatives" when they come home during the recess. Email us if you'd like help.

The time is now. The U.S. Congress continues to have record disapproval ratings, year after year, regardless of who is elected and in office. But the only way people will learn that a new alternative is forming — the People's Congress of Resistance — is if each of us takes the time to spread the word across all our communities and networks.

Looking for other ways to get involved? Follow this link for six other ways to support the People's Congress of Resistance!

Don't forget to register for the Sept. 16-17 People's Congress of Resistance. Only 6 weeks away!