Protests to demand immediate and full recovery aid to Puerto Rico


On Sept. 17, the People's Congress of Resistance resolved to support the movement for the de-colonization of Puerto Rico. Shortly afterwards, the massive Hurricane Maria struck the island with devastating effect. The resulting crisis has unmasked the colonial dynamic between the United States and Puerto Rico, as the government has dragged its feet to deliver the necessary aid, and Puerto Rico has been unable to accept direct aid from friendly countries. Led by Puerto Ricans in the diaspora, the people of this country have been donating generously and conducting grassroots relief — including People's Congress of Resistance organizers in New York and Florida — but major logistical hurdles continue to obstruct delivery.

Trump has added insult to injury with blatant disrespect of the Puerto Rican people, and by bringing up the illegal Wall Street-controlled debt that has been foisted on the island. On October 3, when Trump arrived to the island, Puerto Ricans there and in the diaspora protested to demand:

• Massive Hurricane Relief NOW
• End the Jones Act vis-a-vis Puerto Rico
• Cancel Puerto Rico’s Debt to the Banks

The People's Congress of Resistance proudly joined in this protests on Oct. 3 in New York City, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Francisco.


New York City. Watch the livestream with interviews here


San Francisco


Los Angeles


Long Beach

There is another action on Friday, Oct. 6 at 4:30pm in Palmdale, Calif. at North East Corner of 10th Street West and Rancho Vista Blvd.

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