Shared principles and media information for the People's Congress of Resistance

The People’s Congress of Resistance is just a few days away. Activists and front-line resisters will be gathering together at Howard University in Washington, D.C. for the expressed purpose of building a People’s Congress of Resistance movement anchored in our common struggles and the manifesto “Society for the Many — A Vision for Revolution.”

This is a meeting of people with a shared vision and shared values. It will be a unique space where our common movement can prepare for  the next steps in opposition to the Trump Administration’s regressive agenda, as well as the political orientation of both the Republican and Democratic Party elites who dominate the current U.S. Congress. This is a gathering of people who have been working together for over 6 months to make it a huge success, and it will be precisely that. This is an exciting opportunity for people with shared principles to discuss and analyze the current political situation and chart a path forward together.

This meeting is not open to those who seek to disrupt the meeting or otherwise work to undermine the shared political and social aims and goals of those who are coming together. Any such entry by persons whose political goals and work are at odds with these principles is against the will of the organizers and such persons are not invited to this event and should not plan on attending or attempt to enter. This meeting is for attendees who are gathering from across the country to forward the political principles outlined in the manifesto. We will ensure that the environment is supportive of the participation of all those who support these goals.

All members of the media who wish to cover the event must, in addition to registering, submit credentials to the People’s Congress of Resistance Media Liaison by Friday, Sept. 15 at 12 Noon at [email protected]. Only those media that are credentialed by the People’s Congress of Resistance Media Liaison will be permitted entrance. Credentials will be available at a media check-in table during morning registration.

Thanks to all of our organizers, activists and volunteers whose tireless efforts have made the People’s Congress of Resistance come together. This is an exciting beginning!