Stop the Tax Plan Robbery! Down with the Millionaires' Congress!

Saturday, December 9
Pershing Square
Downtown Los Angeles, California
Last Friday, December 1, the U.S. Senate passed its version of the Tax Bill. If it becomes law, the tax plan will be a trillion-dollar giveaway to the capitalist class and will sharply widen inequality between the working class and rich.
Now is the time to come out into the streets and protest!
The Republican Party leadership proves itself to be entirely for in the interests of the banks, corporations and rich. While most of the Democratic Party representatives voted against the bill they have done nothing to build a genuine resistance to the ongoing assault against working class people.
Supporters of the People's Congress of Resistance have decidedly broken with the millionaires-club known as the U.S. Legislature. Only a genuine grassroots movement built by the people themselves in the streets could have the potential to beat back these attacks.
“Cutting taxes” has been a favorite propaganda piece of the capitalist parties, who repeat endlessly that they want to lower taxes, with the false argument that their incomes and lives will improve. But the slashing of tax rates for the corporations and wealthy will do just the opposite.
The people whose incomes are less than $70,000 will be paying more taxes — for millions a lot more — over the next 10 years.
The tax plan passed by the House of Representatives would require $25 billion to be cut from Medicare in fiscal year 2018 if it becomes law, an average of $150 billion each of the following 10 years.
Cutting vital food, health and education programs results in a loss of “social wages,” which particularly impacts low-income people, who today make up more than half of the population.
What won’t get cut and instead is steadily increasing, is Pentagon's war budget. Trump has proposed a $50+ billion increase in the military budget.
Taken together, the proposed Pentagon budget, tax cuts and decimating of environmental regulations represent a massive transfer of wealth to the big banks, oil companies, military-industrial corporations and the super-rich.
Join us in the streets this Saturday to say no #TaxPlanScam!