U.S. Congress attacks health care, People's Congress of Resistance defends it

We fight for health care for all — no exceptions!

Rallying in front of the Capitol for Improved Medicare for All (Single-Payer)

The Republican-led Congress is engaged in a last-ditch effort to repeal  Obamacare and keep "TrumpCare" alive, even though the vast majority of the country — and practically all health care providers — oppose this new bill. The Senate's current proposal would repeal Obamacare and replace it with nothing. The House version would gut Medicaid, eliminate coverage for 20 million people, cut off Planned Parenthood funding, and transfer billions of dollars in tax cuts to the wealthy.

This week, organizers and volunteers with the People's Congress of Resistance were proud to join the Millions Marching for Medicare 4 All activities across the country, including one rally right on the Capitol steps. 

We will be joining more grassroots actions in districts nationwide during the Congressional recess to challenge and confront all policymakers who are attacking poor and working people's coverage, and who stand in the way of universal health care.

The People's Congress of Resistance believes quality medical and dental care are basic human rights, a right that is denied to tens of millions of people. The People’s Congress of Resistance calls for a universal, government-funded healthcare system, one in which every person, regardless of ability to pay, would have access to medical and dental care.

Presently, the United States does not actually have a health care “system” at all, but instead a confusing and profit-driven mix of private and public insurance plans, private hospital and nursing home chains, giant pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment makers, etc. Of all the developed economies, U.S. per capita spending on health care is the by far the highest and profits are the greatest, but the United States ranks dead last in efficiency.

What is needed is whole new approach to health care (for the United States). The foundation of a real healthcare system would be local/neighborhood health clinics, dedicated to basic preventive as well as palliative care. Tens of thousands of such clinics could be built in every town and neighborhood across the country. In such a system, general and specialized hospitals would treat more serious illnesses and conditions. Construction and staffing of clinics and upgrading hospitals would provide millions of new, good-paying jobs, and make healthcare accessible for everyone.

To truly solve the present crisis, health care must cease to be treated as a profit-making commodity, but instead as a vital human service. The denial of available care to people in need because they cannot afford to pay is a disgrace.

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

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