Resolutions from the 2017 Congress

The following resolutions were adopted by acclamation at the People's Congress of Resistance on Sept. 16 and 17, 2017, at Howard University.

Organizational resolutions            Action-oriented resolutions


Organizational resolutions

Popular education campaign to spread the People’s Congress of Resistance Manifesto

The Manifesto, as the core document of the People’s Congress of Resistance, sets out a bold, clear and radical program for people's power, emancipation, equality and a society to meet human needs. 

As the introduction asserts:

"Without a revolutionary vision, change will not take a revolutionary direction. A vision for social, economic and political revolution is necessary. We need to know where we want to go. Our vision ties our actions to our goal by showing us what we are mobilizing for. It guides us in coordinating our strategies and tactics. It helps us build collective strength. Our vision tells us how we can win and that we will win. 

"A society organized for the equality and emancipation of the many is one where production is democratically directed for the benefit of the many and not for the private profit of the few. Rather than banks and corporations determining people’s lives and futures, the people determine their destiny themselves."

A central task for all delegates coming out of the inaugural meeting of the People’s Congress of Resistance is to take the Manifesto back to our communities, workplaces and campuses, and to utilize it as a key organizing and educational tool to spread the vision of the People’s Congress of Resistance.

Responsibilities and Objectives of the Conveners’ Committee

The Conveners group will continue to guide the work of the People’s Congress of Resistance.

This Conveners will:

  1. Draw in other partners to the People’s Congress of Resistance movement so that grassroots organizations can affiliate with this movement on the basis of agreement with the Manifesto.
  2. Create and facilitate a process whereby other cities and regions can organize People’s Congress of Resistance meetings and convenings.
  3. Provide resources to local organizers for the campaign to spread the People’s Congress of Resistance Manifesto.
  4. Publish and circulate the report and resolutions from the inaugural event.
  5. Publicize and provide resources to those organizing report-back meetings from the inaugural event.
  6. Manage the People’s Congress of Resistance website, social media and other media platforms.

For recommendations of new members of the PCOR Conveners' Committee, please send an email to [email protected] providing a name, contact information and brief motivation.

Resolution from People’s Media Workshops

Our sessions this weekend were powerful, vibrant and full of potential. We have many media producers, journalists, educators and astute media consumers who recognized our severe need for an expanded and appropriately political public sphere. After both workshop sessions we all broadly agreed on the need for such an effort as commercial and even alternative media are currently insufficient spaces for the kinds of news, media, discussions, etc., those represented at PCOR feel are necessary to advance our collective interests.
We resolve to develop a people’s media representing the interests and media needs of the people and organizations gathered and represented at PCOR. Those interested in that particular effort should submit an email with their ideas and potential form of contribution to [email protected] with the subject heading of “People’s Media."

From there we intend to:

  1. Develop a commonly shared web portal platform that will become a multimedia hub.
  2. Encourage collective (PCOR) funding to cover costs of development, staffing and the hiring of journalists, editors, etc.
  3. Have this hub become a “24-hour news channel” for PCOR-related media, creating a more common public sphere that will magnify the impact and reach of our collective work and offer space for expansion of necessary debate.



Action-oriented resolutions

Fight racist displacement at Brookland Manor and across Washington, D.C.

We at the People’s Congress of Resistance resolve that we provide 100 percent support and solidarity to the tenants of Brookland Manor in Washington, D.C., who are fighting to remain in their homes, and to stop the racist gentrification schemes of real estate developers and the politicians they own. Furthermore, in accordance with the Manifesto, we resolutely struggle to end the scourge of homelessness in this, the so-called richest country in the world. 

— Introduced by the Brookland Manor Residents Association

Free Leonard Peltier!

We, the convened people at PCOR, do hereby resolve to support, mobilize and organize actions, rallies and forums for the freedom of our brother Leonard Peltier who has been wrongfully and cruelly imprisoned for 41 years, but whose spirit has never been broken. He must be freed now!

— Introduced by Norm Clement

End U.S. military provocations on the Korean peninsula

The People’s Congress of Resistance calls for the withdrawal of U.S. troops and bases from Korea, an end to the provocative annual U.S./South Korea war maneuvers, the removal of the THAAD missile system, and the signing of a peace treaty between the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

 — Introduced by the chair, following the statement of Jang Jingsook of the New People's Party in South Korea 

In support of the families who have lost loved ones to police terror

Be it resolved the People’s Congress of Resistance stands 100 percent behind the families who have lost loved ones to police violence that we commit ourselves to have their backs, to rally in their defense, to spread their stories, and to say their names. While the U.S. Congress makes excuses for white supremacy and arms police forces to the teeth, not a single member of Congress has had to deal with the reality of state repression. By contrast, we embrace the families and all those in the streets demonstrating against police violence and commit ourselves — as a Congress — to support the Movement for Black Lives as an integral part of our mission.

 — Introduced by the chair, following the statements of relatives of police brutality victims

End the War on Black People!

We demand the end to the war against Black people. We demand an end to the criminalization, incarceration and killing of Black people.

This includes:

  1. An immediate and to the criminalization and dehumanization of Black youth across all areas of society, including our nation’s justice and educational systems, social agencies, and media and pop culture.
  2. An end to capital punishment.
  3. An end to money bail, mandatory fines, fees and court surcharges.
  4. An end to use of past criminal history to determine eligibility for housing, education, licenses, etc.
  5. An end to the war on Black immigrants.
  6. An end to the mass surveillance of Black communities.
  7. The demilitarization of law enforcement.

— Introduced by Ruth Beltran

In defense of immigrants and refugees

Be it resolved that the People’s Congress of Resistance stands in full and unconditional solidarity with ALL immigrants and refugees.

Be it resolved that the People’s Congress of Resistance not only defends the rights of DACA youth, but also demands amnesty, full rights for all and the end to deportations and the borders and walls that seek to divide the working people of the world.

Be it further resolved that the People’s Congress of Resistance will connect with and strengthen alliances and energetically support marches and actions in defense of immigrant rights; it will demand an end to the inhumane detention centers; it will also promote the creation of sanctuary regions and more importantly, build the networks necessary to defend them.

Finally, be it resolved that the People’s Congress of Resistance will fight for a future where we have free migration and no more forced migration due to war, poverty and climate change, for which U.S. imperialism has disproportionate responsibility.   

For an independent police accountability board in Rochester, NY

Rochester demands an independent Police Accountability Board with:

  • subpoena powers,
  • powers to investigate independent of the Rochester Police Department,
  • powers to discipline officers,
  • made up of community members.

— Introduced by Enough is Enough - Rochester, NY

Support the campaigns to break free from labor trafficking and end modern day slavery

Poverty and unemployment in sending countries are the root causes of labor migration that lead im/migrant workers to labor trafficking. In the Philippines, the government Labor Export Policy (LEP) systematically sends it workers abroad. Today at least one in 10 overseas Filipino workers is a mother working as a domestic worker in a foreign country. In the United States, exclusions from federal and state labor laws, racial and immigration-related discrimination, extreme isolation of domestic workers, diplomatic immunity and devaluation of domestic work perpetuate labor trafficking.

— Introduced by Damayan Migrant Workers Association

Justice for Keenan and Anthony!

I am asking for support from the People’s Congress of Resistance for the families of Keenan King and Anthony Holmes-Garriques to have the Bouchard brothers convicted to the fullest extent of the law, and for exposure of the injustice against communities of color by the Suffolk County, N.Y., judicial system and segregation of people. We will rally on Oct. 6. Please call DA Raymond Valuola at 631-853-6488.

— Introduced by Yvette Benitez 

Against racist rezoning of low-income communities of color in New York City

PCOR denounces the government’s planned displacement of low-income and working families from their community through the systematic implementation of racist rezoning of communities of color throughout the United states in partnership with real estate developers. PCOR calls for free and decent housing for all and calls on everyone to join East Harlem residents at City Hall to demand an end to these rezoning efforts.

— Introduced by Marina Ortiz 

Divest from the war machine

PCOR agrees to support the Divest from the War Machine campaign, which will be launched Oct. 21-22 at University of the District of Columbia (UDC). The goal is to stop our cities, churches, pension funds and congresspeople from investing in or taking money from companies that profit from making weapons because these weapons are used to kill people overseas and on our city streets here at home. #DIVESTFROMWAR

— Introduced by Medea Benjamin

‘War and the Environment’ conference

That PCOR support the Sept. 22-24 conference “War and the Environment” at American University organized by World Beyond War to show the deep connections between war and the destruction of the environment, and to make connections between the anti-war and environmental movements.

— Introduced by Leah Brown on behalf of Veterans for Peace

Hands off Venezuela!

The current U.S. aggression against Venezuela is a continuation of Washington’s campaign aimed at overthrowing the Bolivarian Revolution. The People’s Congress supports the right to self-determination for the people of Venezuela and all of Latin America, and demands an end to two centuries of U.S. colonialism and imperialism.

 — Introduced by the chair, following the statement of Carlos Ron, Charge d'Affaires, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Washington, D.C.

End the Blockade of Cuba!

The Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee urges PCOR to support actions this fall demanding an end to the Blockade of Cuba, and also to support the effort to supply material aid to Cuba to help them recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.

— Introduced by Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee

In support of the Week in of Action Solidarity with the Philippines initiated by BAYAN USA (Sept. 16-22)

On the 26th Anniversary of the historic termination of the U.S.-Philippine military bases treaty and the 45th anniversary of the declaration of martial law by dictator Ferdinand Marcos, BAYAN USA calls on people who believe in a just and lasting peace to support the Filipino people’s demand for national sovereignty and an end to killings, impunity, U.S. intervention and militarization in the Philippines.

Under the guise of fighting ISIS and “terrorism,” Duterte’s martial law in Mindanao continues with U.S. support, waging an all-out war on the people with existing U.S. drones and the threat of U.S. airstrikes. End U.S. military intervention in the Philippines! Uphold Philippine sovereignty!

See actions at Contact [email protected] to post your event.

— Introduced by Anakbayan-NJ and ILPS US NE

In Support of King County, WA, Safe Consumption Spaces campaign

In response to the opioid addiction epidemic and related epidemic of overdose deaths, there is now a political struggle in King County in Washington over the implementation of Safe Consumption Spaces, as part of a multi-pronged public health approach to the crisis, including other harm-reduction measures and treatment on demand. Safe Consumption Spaces are evidence-based, save lives and build relationships with participants, improving health and reducing suffering of addicts and their loved ones.

Resolved that PCOR supports Safe Consumption Spaces in King County, Washington, which would be the first implemented in the United States.

— Introduced by Jane Cutter on behalf of ANSWER - Seattle

Free Ana Belen Montes, political prisoner!

Ana Belen Montes was a defense intelligence agency senior analyst who was compelled by her consciousness to do something about U.S. aggression on Cuba. For 16 years, Ana gave Cuba intelligence information so they could prevent and anticipate attacks. She was sentenced to 25 years in jail in 2002. She has completed 16 years in jail. She must be released.

— Introduced by Partido Nacionalista de Puerto Rico

In support of the picket at the United Nations for the Decolonization of Puerto Rico

All out to the United Nations Sept. 19 for a picket from 10am to 5pm and rally from 5pm to 7pm at 47th St. on 1st Ave. in New York City. We are calling on the UN General Assembly to take up the issue of the colonization of Puerto Rico.

We are calling on the UN to list Puerto Rico as a dependent territory. We are calling on the UN to start a process of decolonization of Puerto Rico.

— Introduced by Partido Nacionalista de Puerto Rico 

Justice for Nina Chaubal — No to police/ICE terror against trans people

The trans community, especially immigrants and people of color, are under constant attack by the police and ICE across the country. Last year, Nina Chaubal, an activist and co-founder of Trans Lifeline, was profiled and detained by ICE. She now faces deportation because ICE is trying to call her legal marriage to a U.S. citizen invalid. Nina needs support across the country to stop her deportation. We ask PCOR to stand with Nina and pledge to do work in each of our communities to protect trans people from police and ICE.

— Introduced by Trans LifeLine

Stand with Native people against the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage project

From the 1950s onward, Nevada has been treated as a nuclear dumping ground, notably with the Nevada nuclear test site, where 928 nuclear weapons were detonated. Native Americans have been the most affected. Some today still bear scars from nuclear blast burns. Many still suffer from chronic radiation exposure. All this is on land stolen from the Duckwater, Paiute and other Native peoples. Today, the nuclear industry wants to dump nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain - land stolen from the Western Shoshone and Southern Paiute peoples.

PCOR supports: The immediate end to all nuclear testing and waste storage efforts in Nevada; the full and unconditional self-determination for all Native nations; and the payment of reparations to Native Americans. Yucca Mountain’s fate should not be consigned to storing nuclear waste but rather should be determined by its Native inhabitants.

— Introduced by PSL - Las Vegas

Against the coup government in Brazil!

PCOR would like to show our solidarity with the Brazilian people who are in struggle against the coup that took place in Brazil a year ago. With the support of U.S. imperialism, the Brazilian elite staged a legislative coup d’etat, replacing the democratically elected Workers Party government of Dilma Rousseff with the coup monger Michel Temer.

We support the land occupation by the homeless workers in San Bernado and the indigenous communities' struggle to defend the Amazon, and we call for the release of Rafael Braga, an African Brazilian who has been in jail since the 2013 protests against the increase in public transportation fares.


— Introduced by PCOR attendees

“Deeper than Water”: Support the struggle for clean water at Norfolk Prison

The water in MCI-Norfolk Prison, the largest prison in Massachusetts, is poison! In 2011, there was a resolution passed by the Department of Environmental Protection to fix the problem at its source and it still has not been fixed. The water is contaminated with manganese and shards of metal, and is often black or tea-like in color. Prison dogs get bottled water but prisoners are forced to pay $12 a case at the canteen. Get clean water to Norfolk Prison!

— Introduced by Nino Brown 

Divest this time at George Washington University

Support the campaign to pressure the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., to divest from U.S. companies that profit off of Israeli occupation. 

— Introduced by John Kim